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With 16 years of experience working with partners from around the world,Nextware Tech enjoys its reputation as a top custom software development company.

Since 2003, Nextware Tech has been at the forefront of technology, developing Virtualization and Systems Management technology for Enterprise and Embedded systems, creating globally acclaimed mobile applications that have been downloaded tens of millions of times, and winning accolades from around the world for our work.
Despite all the paths we have blazed, we have never been more enthusiastic about the future than we are right now. The impending revolutions in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and the internet of things (IoT) will have far-reaching consequences for the tech industry and our everyday lives, the implications of which we cannot even begin to fathom. The only thing we can be certain of is that we won't be watching tomorrow unfold from a distance, even though its history has yet to be written and only its contours are apparent.
We will put on our work boots and construct it! If you share our belief in the enchantment of technology and would like to discuss how we can bring AI, Machine Learning, IoT solutions, and VR to your enterprise and customers, please contact us immediately.
Why Nextware Technology?
Our team is composed of tech-savvy individuals who share a common drive to push the boundaries of what's possible in their field…
When we come to work each day, it's because we're excited to use our AR/VR, Data, and other innovations to help businesses overcome their problems… We assist companies in changing the way they manage everyday operations, create prototypes, and train staff…
By introducing new processes and capabilities, we provide a competitive advantage as well as time and cost savings... To determine when and where a product or service is most profitable, we offer Big Data-derived insights that can be put to use…
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We are a group of innovators. Whether it’s our work or culture, we hold ourselves to high standards of design, development, and automation.


We are always looking for new, more effective ways to accomplish tasks. Whether it’s increasing code quality or user experience.


We think that people are more likely to be motivated when they work with a team of passionate people. We provide both.


Delivering our work in a positive and professional manner, as well as managing tasks and communication.


We believe in recognizing and empowering all of our team members so that they can grow.


Working together, we can accomplish anything. Our teams function like a family, always there to lend a hand to one another when things get tough.

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