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There is no limit to what can be achieved in a world that is rapidly becoming digital. Let’s put your ideas for technological advancement into action using tools like Big Data, AI, and software. Together, let’s make the future!


A creative designer produces artwork and design concepts that can take on many different forms and style.


Usability is a quality criterion for determining whether a given program is simple. Improving ease-of-use.


A brand consultant is an expert who helps companies define, sharpen, and grow their reputation.
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AI And Data Science, Design & UI/UX, DevOps,Software Development ,Software Quality Assurance
usability & design
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We've worked with global partners from different verticals.
Why choose us
We help technology, marketing, analytics, and operations leaders take their companies and organizations to the next level.


We have a large pool of experts—more than a thousand—with different technological and domain backgrounds and qualification levels. These experts offer full-cycle implementation services and take on projects at any stage. The pool also includes resources that are available on demand.


Nextware Tech has been in business for more than 20 years and has finished more than 1,530 projects. In that time, it has gained a lot of technical and industry-specific knowledge and joined partnership programs with industry leaders. 


With certified project managers on hand for each and every one of our projects, consistent reporting, demos, and client access to the test stand and tools for keeping track of the project, we guarantee that everything we do together will be completely transparent.


With the utmost care, together we implement smart, high-quality, and customized solutions that resonate alongside the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. When developing, we keep future focus in mind, to make sure your product will be successful.


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AI And Data Science

We use cutting-edge data analytics, BI, and ML technologies to generate insightful conclusions that guide smart decisions. Our experts comprehend your use case, collect and analyze data, visually present the findings, and offer suggestions for achieving your business goals.

Design & UI/UX

We use cutting-edge UI/UX techniques and keep improving our design services in AI, VR, and AR so that your brand’s spirit comes through. You will always have an understandable design system in place with our bespoke solutions.


By streamlining your workflows, our DevOps strategy increases company value. We support innovation across enterprise applications and enable automated builds, testing, and deployments. We provide comprehensive coverage, from reliable results to increased production and efficiency.

Software Development

We make digital transformation possible by creating custom software development solutions that are perfect for each client and ensure their happiness. Our technology easily adapts to your business demands and project requirements, whether you are an SMB or enterprise.

Software Quality Assurance

In a world of rapid software releases, our QA and testing methodologies surpass the digital quality benchmarks of every company. We have the resources and know-how to thoroughly test your application in accordance with your specifications and from the viewpoint of your end users.

Customers about us
Vanita A
Creative Heads Inc.

This is to recommend Umer Anees as a reliable and professional SEO expert, They have been handling all our search engine optimization matters for a long time, and have always been very helpful and efficient.

Marketing Manager

Dude, your stuff is the bomb! Umer anees is the real deal! I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of Umer Anees.

Sauncho V
Creative Heads Inc.

Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! Umer Anees impressed me on multiple levels.

Our core minds
Smart, proactive and highly reliable. Over the years, we've developed a successful formula to take care of our people—they are up-to-date with technology, well-coordinated and effective. By choosing Nextware Tech, you’re guaranteed to work with only high-quality teams.
Umer Anees
Chief Executive
Muhammad Ali Azhar
Project Manager
Asad Choudhary
Head of Optimization